What we offer

    Want to live a truly unique experience?

Want to live a truly unique experience?

Surely at one point you’ve dreamed of FLYING.

Now you can actually do it.

experience indoor skydiving in our Madrid wind tunnel, and take flight!

How does it work?

If at some point you’ve wondered what a wind tunnel
is like and you imagined it being similar to a ride at an amusement park,
you’d be wrong.

Wind tunnels were born in the world of aviation
and are therefore tightly linked to the aeronautics industry.

We’ve brought this advanced technology within your reach
so that you can experience the sensation of flight with total safety.

Our Madrid wind tunnel recreates for you the same feeling you’d have if you were jumping out of a plane at 4000 meters, but without any fear of heights or vertigo.

Our flight chamber has a diameter of 4.3 meters and is 15 meters high. Our wind turbines are able to move up to 1.5 tons of air per second, forming a perfect column of air with speeds of up to 280 km/h.

Don’t worry, if it’s your first time with us you won’t fly at such a high speed. The wind speed is adapted to your weight and height to ensure that you will float on the air in complete safety and comfort.

Our Facilities

We offer all our customers – first time flyers as well as sportflyers – a professional and safe flying environment to perform their sport and follow their passion.

Built by the leading German company, ISG, our facilities have the most advanced technology worldwide and provide: the best sound insulation, higher energy efficiency and improved air quality (without turbulence).

In addition, you’ll have at your disposal more than 2000 square meters of facilities. Beyond just flying in our freefall simulator, you’ll enjoy our café/bar (with views into the wind tunnel), private parking and multi-use rooms to host your company events, birthday parties or any other event you might be planning.