Use of our Facilities

           Planning an awards ceremony?

Planning an awards ceremony?

Need to present a new product?

Maybe you’re looking for a new location for your TV productions?

In the WINDOBONA wind tunnel we don’t just bring you the experience of flight, we also offer more than 2000 square meters of usable space including a café/bar, interior and exterior parking and several multi-use rooms. We provide more than 7 unique spaces where your event-planning creativity can take flight.

High-flyers Room

With 60 square meters and a capacity for up to 60 people, this space is ideal for any presentation, press conference, award ceremony or celebration.

Meeting Room

Ideal for work sessions and private meetings, this 26 m2 space includes a board-meeting table and capacity for 12 people.

VIP Rooms

These private spaces of 10 m2 (up to 5 people per room) can be used for 1-to-1 coaching sessions or working in small teams.

Multi-use Room

Perfect for welcoming new employees or preparing a large group for flight, our 33.5 m2 room has capacity for up to 30 people.


Over 100 m2 of space with a clear view of the wind tunnel, the café/bar is the best spot for a welcome coffee, mid-day refreshments, or post-flight cocktails.

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