Come fly with us

At WINDOBONA we don’t just provide the best indoor flight technology, we also provide the best indoor flight team. Anyone who flies with us can see we are extremely passionate about our work.

But don’t take it from us; thousands of fliers have endorsed us after experiencing the incredible sensation of flight in our skydiving simulator.

Come get to know us better!

Paloma Granero,

Paloma Granero

General Manager

I can think of nothing better than to bring people one of the greatest dreams of mankind, flying. WINDOBONA is the place where you can fulfill that dream.

Elisabet Sáez

Marketing Manager

Is there anything more rewarding than helping people realize their dream of flying? My profession has become my passion; let us help you reach yours.

Pablo Mendo

Financial Accountant

I was born in Seville where I studied and worked. Then I made the “jump” to Madrid where my work at WINDOBONA now helps people realize their dream of flying.

Vicente Sanseroni

Chief instructor

The good thing about this sport is that you will never stop learning. That is also the beauty of teaching to fly. See student’s progression and how they achieve their goals.

Nuestro equipo: Pablo Mendo, financiero en  Windoba.
Nuestro equipo: Alejandro Diñeiro,  instructora en  Windoba.

John Ospinal


Born in Colombia, I’ve spent more than half my life in Spain. My passion for flying motivates me to keep learning and sharing.


Alejandro Diñeiro


I’ve been in love with flying since I can remember and I’m also passionate about gastronomy. I came to WINDOBONA to fulfill dreams and share flavors.

Nuestro equipo: Rocio Mateo,  instructora en  Windoba.
Nuestro equipo: Alejandro Diñeiro,  instructor en  Windoba.

César Díaz


He loves the wind, the silence and jumping out of airplanes, either making the croquette or playing dead. When he’s not flying, he’s playing video games or planning his next tattoo.


Mario Fernández


Our newest instructor. He comes stomping and eager to transmit his passion for flying to everyone. If it were possible, he would not hesitate to sleep inside the tunnel.


Nuestro equipo: César Díaz,  instructor en  Windoba.
Nuestro equipo: Mario Fernández,  instructor en  Windoba.

Marigaby Santana


When I started working at WINDOBONA I didn’t know anything about indoor skydiving nor had I tried the experience of flying. Now there is no one to get me out of the wind tunnel.