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Absolutely. Flying in our wind tunnel is a 100% safe experience and doesn’t require any prior physical preparation. Therefore, this experience is suitable for anyone 4 years old and up. Don’t wait any longer – take flight!

Imagine that you are in freefall from an airplane at 4000 meters. This sensation of adrenaline is what you will experience flying in our wind tunnel, and the best part is you’ll have this experience completely vertigo-free. Flying in our skydiving simulator is a totally safe experience that doesn’t provoke a fear of heights or claustrophobia or any other negative feelings. This activity is therefore suitable for almost anyone and is definitely a worthwhile experience.

For your first experience we always recommend that you fly one at a time. Why? First, because the speed of the wind adapts itself to the weight and height of each flyer and, as you can imagine, not everyone is the same size. If we use an average speed so that two or more people can fly together, none of them will feel comfortable on the resulting ‘cushion of air.’ Second, because this is your first time, you won’t yet be able to control your own movements very well and you’re likely to give an accidental kick or elbow-poke to your neighbor. Not dangerous, but it could be uncomfortable!

Nevertheless, you can rest easy because even when you’re flying on your own, you’ll still be sharing the experience with your companions. Together you’ll sign in at reception, gear up, and attend the flight prep class with your flight instructor. You’ll also be together in the pre-flight chamber (the antechamber where you’ll wait your turn) and, since our wind tunnel is made of glass, you’ll get to see each person fly. We can assure you, watching each other fly is much more fun than flying together😊.

Once you’ve had your first experience, the best is yet to come. Flying in a wind tunnel is a fast-growing sport known as indoor skydiving and every day it attracts more people. There are already thousands of sportflyers and frequent flyers for whom flight is their preferred sporting activity. And, good news: you too can learn to fly and use indoor skydiving to keep yourself in shape. Once you learn to control your movements in the flight chamber, you can fly with other sportflyers like yourself. Our wind tunnel supports up to 8 flyers at once!

Yes. You will be accompanied by your instructor the entire time, not just in the flight chamber, but throughout the entire experience. She or he will be the person who provides your gear (flight suit, helmet, goggles and earplugs) and will teach a flight prep class to explain flight positions and simple gestures to communicate with each other while you are in flight (with the wind you can’t hear each other 😊). And of course your instructor will be with you during the actual flights so that you get the maximum enjoyment from your experience.

Our standard flight packs include 2 minutes of flight, split into 2 flights of one minute each. The first flight will be your ‘baptismal’ flight where you’ll get used to the feeling of flying inside a wind tunnel. The second flight will be your chance to ‘play’ with the experience. If your flight instructor observes that you are stable enough in flight, she or he will let you go so that you can fly solo and even turn you from one side to the other so that you can see what it feels like to move around in the wind.
For our more daring visitors we have flight packs of longer duration. You can fly double the time of a standard flight pack: 2 flights of 2 minutes each or, even take a 10-minute flight course with us.

Does this seem like too short of flight time? We assure you it’s not. Flying in a wind tunnel feels a lot like free falling and this causes your body to release adrenaline. In addition, contact with strong wind makes all the muscles in your body work (like what happens in swimming, but in air instead of water). So even though you’re having a great time and you might not even realize you are exercising, if you were to fly for longer than we recommend, you’d arrive home with significant muscle soreness and fatigue.

You might also ask: if this is like skydiving, how long is a person in freefall when they do a tandem jump? The average is between 45 and 50 seconds. Even though it’s not much time, the adrenaline and emotional response make those seconds extremely intense. The same thing happens in a wind tunnel, except you’re in an enclosed and controlled environment (not throwing yourself from an airplane at 4000 meters), so we can extend a bit the time of your flight and give you more of this thrilling sensation. In fact, even our most basic packs give you more than double the time of an average freefall in a tandem jump. Because it’s worth a try, don’t you think?

You’ll be with us for a minimum of 1 hour, and a maximum of 90 minutes. Before flight you will sign in at reception, we’ll outfit you with a flight suit, helmet, protective goggles and earplugs and you’ll have a flight prep class provided by your flight instructor. Once you’re ready to fly, your entire class (a maximum of 13 people) will enter into the pre-flight chamber and wait for your turn to fly. There will be two rounds of flight so that, in addition to flying, you’ll get to watch each other’s flights and share a good laugh. If your class isn’t full, you’ll finish faster than the maximum 90 minutes. When you leave the wind tunnel we’ll present you with your souvenir flight diploma and, if you want to immortalize the experience (or show your friends how well you did!) you can purchase the video and photos taken during your flights.

Our wind tunnel can reach wind speeds of up to 280 km/hour. But don’t worry; the wind speed is adapted to your size and weight so first time flyers will stay in control using the adapted speed. Only sportflyers (experienced flyers who practice indoor skydiving as a sport) can use wind speeds close to the maximum. They have sufficient control over their bodies and movements, such that the sportflyers actually adapt themselves to the wind speed, and not the other way around. The wind speed in these cases depends more on the type of exercise and acrobatics a sporflyer wants to perform inside the tunnel.

You’ll be going into an ISG tunnel. This probably doesn’t tell you much, but rest assured that the technology we use is the most advanced in the market and it provides the best wind in the world (high efficiency energy without turbulence).
Inside our tunnel the wind is circulated from air captured outside, passed through 4 turbines (the same size as airplane turbines) and pushed out through a ring in the center of the flight chamber. This air then rises and becomes the wind you fly on. This wind flow lifts anyone inside the flight chamber and simulates the same floating conditions experienced in freefall, but without vertigo or fear.

The WINDOBONA flight chamber measures 15 meters high by 4.3 meters wide. But don’t worry! If you are a first-timer you will be flying in the lower part of the tunnel, no higher than 5 meters, and always in the hands of your flight instructor. And if you’re a sportflyer who already knows what it’s all about, you can enjoy yourself flying up to 12 meters off the ground.

Even though there is no weight limit for this activity, there is a size limit for the flight suits, which is equivalent to a person weighing approximately 120 kg. Even so, any flyer who feels comfortable in the flight suit can participate, even if they weigh more than 120 kg.

Yes, you can eat. Flying in our wind tunnel is not like being on a roller coaster where you might end up feeling nauseous or dizzy. Here, your body simply floats on a cushion of air and, if you’re feeling more daring on your second flight, your flight instructor will raise you up to 5 meters in a type of whirlwind that takes you to the outer limits of the glass walls of the tunnel. We call this extra shot of adrenaline taxi fly. But in no case ever will you start turning or spinning out of control. Having said that, for your own comfort, we recommend a light meal, nothing excessive or heavy, before any flight.

All you need to bring is your smile, and clean athletic shoes that fit well so they don’t fly off while you’re in the tunnel. As for your clothes, dress comfortably. The flight suit fits over top of your clothing and is made of a light and resistant fabric so that you can move with complete freedom and enjoy feeling the wind over your body. We’ll also loan you a helmet, earplugs and protective goggles.

No. Any contact lenses will be covered by our protective goggles, and if you are wearing glasses, we even have special goggles that are wider and can be adjusted to fit over top of your glasses. However, it is true that it is generally more comfortable to fly without glasses under the protective goggles so, if you can manage without, we recommend leaving your eye glasses in your locker and flying with just the protective goggles.

It is very easy. If you have a WINDOBONA voucher, you can easily book it through our website. Select Redeem option and enter the 20-digit code you will find on your voucher. Then you can choose the day and time you want to cme to fly from our booking system.

If your voucher is from another platform such us ATRÁPALO, ALADINIA, YUMPING, SMARTBOX or WONDERBOX, send us an email to attaching it and provide us your full name, ID card, address, phone number and the approximate date and time you would like to fly. We will contact you to confirm your booking.

You can cancel a booking up to 3 days before your flight without any cost. After that date, a surcharge will be apllied depending on the period of notice and the value of the pack, as established in our Terms and Conditions. However, when you reserve with us we offer you the option of hiring our booking protection insurance with your flight package. It will allow you to move your booking up to 4 hours before your flight at no cost. This way you cover yourself against any type of unforeseen event: and illness, a plan that you had forgotten or any other reason that prevents you from attending your appointment with us.