Superman, Ironman and now you!

This is a call for you! If you are between 4 and 12 years old and you are an adventurer, join us. Flying is not only for adults! You can also have fun while practicing indoorskydiving, a very healthy and safe sport for children. Become a superhero and discover a new and fun playground.


    Making your kid’s dreams come true might be easier than you think. What could be better than giving them the superpower of flight?Let your child be a superhero for a day with this flight package. They will enjoy this unforgettable experience and can be able to share it with other kids.

  • Fly4Double kid 69 €

    Children always want more! Let them enjoy double. This experience can be enjoyed by children aged 4 to 12 years. The package includes for 2 flights of 2 minutes each, for 1 kid. You’re provided with your own personal instructor, all equipment and a preparatory class.

  • Excursions 30€ / kid

    Would you like your son to come with the school to try this experience? We offer you 9€ discount in the flight pack (2 flights of 1 min each, personal instructor, equipment and preparatory class) and an educational talk about the physical benefits of this sport to motivate your child to lead a healthy and active life and on basic notions of physics (elementary aerodynamics, weight, push and friction). In addition, we will give away a group photo for the class.

  • Special snacks!

    Do you celebrate your birthday, saint or communion? After flying you can enjoy with your friends a super snack in our Party Room or in our spacious bar, both with views of the tunnel. For example, our menu of 6€ / child includes: hot dog or sandwich and soda, juice or water, hooks, chips and trinkets! Do you want anything else? Take a look to the gastronomic offer of our bar and we will prepare a customized menu for you. Eat and fly, a good combination!

  • Special promotions

    Check all the offers we have for the little ones in the house. Special classes for children on Sunday afternoons at 30€, birthdays, after-school classes, courses and much more. Do not put limits on their dream of flying!

  • Other activities

    Do you want more? In addition to flying, you can complete your child's flight pack with our activities and services: origami, balloon twisting, crafts, etc. Get in touch with us and we will prepare your customized party.

Flying is your sport