Fly like a pro

Whether you are a flying addict or need to train for your next skydiving competition, whether you are a team or need 1:1 coaching, we offer you optimal training facilities and experienced coaches at all levels.

  • 1 hour just 720 €

    We are opened! Enjoy the best quality air worldwide. You will love our ISG wind tunnel and our facilities. We are the closest wind tunnel to your favourite dropzone in Madrid and you will have an exclusive floor with 4 sportflyers rooms with lockers and debriefing stations just for you.

  • Personalized coaching

    We have a team of very professional and experienced coaches. If you need to train (alone or in teams) for your next competition, practice new acrobatics for your freefall jumps or prepare for a course, contact us and we will provide a coach who is adapted to your level and needs.

  • Frequent flyers

    Get to know other sportflyers through our events. We offer several opportunities to meet other professional flyers at your level; you can even share time in the tunnel with them. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed and do not miss the chance to fly with others like you.

  • The best technology

    Our facilities offer you the world’s most advanced technology: the best sound insulation, higher energy efficiency, better air quality (without turbulence), an innovative cooling system and a modern flight chamber with a diameter of 4,3 m and wind speeds of up to 280 km/h.