• For first timers

    We are really excited to announce you from Saturday, 11st July, our facilities will be open to you again. And we will do it by applying new procedures and safety and hygiene measures so that flying remains a safe sport.

  • For sportflyers

    We know how much you have missed flying. So our first opening weekend will be exclusively for you sportflyer. Book your flight time from Saturday, 4th July and blow off steam. The party begins! Freedom begins!

  • Redeem a voucher

    We know you wish to use that voucher you bought or received like a gift. This is your moment! If your voucher has not expired yet, you can redeem and book it on our website from Saturday, July 11. Feel freer than ever.

  • Has your voucher expired?

    If your voucher has expired during the alarm state, don't worry. We will extend it for 3 and a half months so that you can redeem it and reserve it quietly when it best suits you. Contact us to request your extension.

  • Canceled booking?

    If your booking was canceled due to the alarm status, don't worry. Our agenda is open again on weekends from 11st July. Contact us so we can schedule a new day and time for you. You are very near to feel the freedom of flying!

  • Make your purchase and...

    If you have not yet bought a flight package, we inform you that we extend the expiration of all ourvouchers from 6 months to 1 year for purchases until 31st August inclusive. Do not hesitate. You never tasted freedom so much.


As you know, our priority has always been your safety and now, more than ever, we have established new prevention protocols and procedures to guarantee hygiene at our facilities.


- Small groups: the capacity of our classes is reduced fto favor the social distance between people.

- Sanitization of all our material after each use: all our equipment (suits, helmets and goggles) is disinfected using an ozone treatment after each use. Also, all the material is washed at 60º at the end of each day.

- Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser: some points for hand disinfection are available to all our customers.

- Mandatory use of mask: the use of a mask is mandatory to access our facilities. In addition, WINDOBONA provides all its clients with a special flight mask that is placed over the customer's mask and it is sanitized and wahsed with the rest of the material after each use.

- Periodic disinfection of our facilities: we strengthen our cleaning service to guarantee optimal disinfection of all spaces, especially step areas and areas of common use such as changing rooms or bathrooms.



We renew a volume of wind equivalent to 16 Olympic swimming pools in just 4 seconds

Windobona Sport flyers82.jpg

It is not the first time that we tell you our wind tunnel has the best and most innovative technology on the market worldwide. 100% German design so that you not only enjoy a unique experience but feel completely safe.

ISG (Indoorskydiving Germany) provides the best air quality (without turbulences) developed in a vertical wind tunnel. But not only that. We have a unique ventilation system: the airflow from our tunnel is constantly exchanged with fresh air through ventilation fins at the top of our building, renewing up to 25% of the total volume every 4 seconds. This corresponds to an air exchange per minute of flight of up to 42,000m3, which is approximately the volume of 16 Olympic swimming pools.

This means that our wind is constantly renewed so you will fly with clean and recycled air.

SKYBONA, S.L. will proceed to the extension of 3 months and a half from its original expiration date of all the vouchers that have expired during the state of alarm decreed by the Government from 14th of March to 21st of June of 2020 or they did not have its 6 months of validity as a consequence of it. For this purpose the client must contact WINDOBONA Indoorskydiving Madrid to request its expansion at reservas@windobona.es. They will be excluded from this extension all those vouchers that expire before the alarm state, except for those that were booked but not consumed as a result of it, in which case a new booking date will be reassigned after the re-opening of WINDOBONA Indoorskydiving Madrid facilities. For further information, see Terms and Conditions described on SKYBONA, S.L. website.