Become a sportflyer!

We know you are looking for the best promotions. That's why we're offering you an unbeatable deal. Throughout the month of August you can fly 15 minutes for only 150€ and we will teach you all the movements necessary to become a real Sportflyer. Buy and book from Wednesday to Friday from the 1st until the 31st of August. Pure flying!!

  • Your all-inclusive course!

    Now that you have fulfilled your dream of flying, take a chance and take the next step. Make flying your hobby! We'll make it very easy for you. Throughout the month of August we offer you a unique bargain: 15 minutes flight. Your pack also includes theoretical course, full equipment, debriefing and videos of all your sessions.

  • This is your flight plan!

    You will fly your 15 minutes on the same day split into two blocks sessions each with a personal instructor. Each flight block will last 7 and a half minutes, divided into three 2 and a half minute flights with rotations to rest in between flights. Want more information? Want to find out how far you can go?