We want to fly with you!

Paloma Granero
General Manager

I can think of nothing better than to bring people one of the greatest dreams of mankind, flying. WINDOBONA is the place where you can fulfill that dream.

Pablo Mendo
Financial Accountant

I was born in Seville where I studied and worked. Then I made the “jump” to Madrid where my work at WINDOBONA now helps people realize their dream of flying.

Elisabet Sáez
Marketing Manager

Is there anything more rewarding than helping people realize their dream of flying? My profession has become my passion; let us help you reach yours.

Daniel Baelo

Extroverted, chatty and a lover of homemade bread. I consider myself a positive and cheerful person, and a fervent lover of weightlessness.

Carlotta Sella

I like to work hard. I love flying in the tunnel and in the sky and I am an athlete so I do more kms running than by car. A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Nacho Bergada

White chocolate lover. Flying fan. I love vertigo, adrenaline and people with humor. Hoping to share with you the dream of flying very soon!

Benjamín Castillo

Lover of sports and outdoor life. I love to travel and experience different cultures and what better way than with the activity that I like best ... Flying!

Alejandro Daniel

Addicted to wing adrenaline and sweets. When I'm not flying I'm thinking of flying. I am also a lover of any outdoor sports like rock climbing, snowboarding and golf.

Ricardo Froilán

I am a lover of life, carpe diem, and flying. A mix of Hispanic and Brazilian cultures, I am thrilled to be working in a wind tunnel so that I can share my passion.

Fernando Cid Rey

Lover of laughter and good company. I enjoy skydiving and running. I'm an air dreamer that does not believe in the impossible, and I am hunter of moments.

Rossina Bongiovanni
Head Receptionist

My biggest passion is flying, either in a wind tunnel or jumping from a plane at 14,000 feet. I have traveled, made great friends and flying has become my lifestyle.

Chloe Maddon.JPG
Chloe Maddon

Born in London and now living in Madrid. I love travelling, spending time with my loved ones and shopping, But above all flying and making people smile.

Luis Paulo Assopola Garcia.JPG
Luis Paulo Assopola

Amazed with the chance of coming from Portugal to share the passion of flying. I love to talk and learn with everyone. Music, cinema, sports and flying.

Alejandro Diñeiro.JPG
Alejandro Diñeiro

I love to fly since I have use of reason and I am passionate about gastronomy. I have arrived at WINDOBONA to fulfill dreams and share flavors.